Many manufacturers of smart home products create devices that are technically advanced but offer a poor user experience by virtue of being too complicated, hence, their existence in a home defies the very reasons they were designed for: utility and comfort! By trading off these important aspects, these full-featured but hard-to-use products can be a chore to use on a daily basis and often become an expensive yet defunct gadgets in your home.

At roxanne, we do not burden our customers with understanding the technology or the components of our products. What we do want our customers to know and care about however is that our products are much simpler to use, work far better, last far longer. and cost much less than other brands you would find on the market today.


Discover a New Level of Comfort!


No other solution provider in the smart home domain offers the level of protection and comfort that we offer our customers and that is why we have utmost confidence that you‘ll enjoy living with roxanne!

We are so confident that you‘ll appreciate living with roxanne that we will give you an unconditional 30-day money back return policy for all the products that we offer. When choosing roxanne, if you are not pleased with our products we will pay for their removal, then we'll re-install everything back just the way it was, and we will refund you the full amount of the purchase price. 


Our Concept


In-Wall Wireless Modules

Easily automate and control your entire home wirelessly with smartphones and tablets.

Piccolo modules will transform your existing wall switches and outlets into smart wall dimmers, switches and outlets. Small size, huge functionality!

Gateways and Range Extenders

In smart homes, the connection and programming of all devices (such as lighting dimmers, switches, smart plugs, climate control motion sensors, security system sensors, plant moisture monitors, etc.) is made possible by a small yet quite powerful computer known as a “smart home gateway” or a “smart home hub”.

This little computer acts as a bridge between all devices of different communication protocols such as: ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, loRa, GSM or LAN.

Wall Mounted Controllers

New elegant backlit wall mounted control face plates installed in conjunction with picolo series modules in place of your old wall switchs will transform your home from ordinary to an extraordinary smart home in a matter of a few hours.

No need for special dedicated wiring and special experts! control everything from everywhere, or just create the right lighting mood and curtain positionst o set the perfect ambiance for different occasions such as parties, dining, reading, watching TV, entertaining, or plain relaxing with just a push of a button.

Climate Control

Maintain your ideal temperature at home while saving both money and energy.

By choosing roxanne you are able to control your home's climate without needing to install expensive smart thermostats in every room.



Security System

When it comes to protecting your family and home, nothing but the best will do. Our expert team has implemented the most important features and functions that are vital for your safety in a stand-alone home security system that you can use and rely on with utmost assurance and confidence.

Multifunctional Display

This wireless multifunctional display-controller simultaneously works as a thermostat, security system keypad, and a scene-switch device with versatile functionalities. It can be placed anywhere in the house and it communicates with the gateway through a robust ZigBee communication protocol.

Water Leak and Flood Detector

Whether you are asleep, away at work or vacationing on the other side of the globe, rest assured that your home will never be ruined and flooded due to a defective supply hose, faulty valve, or a plumber's neglect!

Magnetic Door and Window Sensors

Monitor your doors, windows, or any fixture or object that opens or closes.


Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Control your home’s HVAC systems with ease and precision.

Plant Moisture Detector

When plant soil is over saturated with water the roots can't get enough oxygen from the soil and plants will start to rot. Conversely, if there is not enough water to nurture the roots, plants will die from lack of sufficient hydration. Monitor and safeguard the vitality of your plants with roxanne's smart plants sensors.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors detect outdoor or indoor motion and act as the vital second layer of defense for the security system of your home. Motion sensors also do double duty as an actuator for automated event-driven lighting programs.