Live Better


Experience Comfort,  Live Healthier,  Avoid Disaster,  Stay Secure,  Save Money    


Upgrade your home to a smart home in just a few hours.

Experience total control, security, and comfort!



Whether you are building a new home or just want to transform your existing home into a smart home, roxanne has the right solution for you.



Control, adjust and optimize your home’s lighting for any occasion


Control the temperature and humidity of the rooms in your home

Water Leak

Detect water leaks immediately and prevent flooding and damage


When it comes to protecting your family and home, nothing but the best will do 

Door and Window Sensor

Detect break-in attempts and intrusions immediately as soon as it happens 

Remote Access

Access and control and protect your home from anywhere -- even while you’re away

Climate Control

Control, adjust or automate your home’s heating and cooling system and save a bundle on energy and money

Shade and Shutter Control

Harvest the sun’s energy to your advantage with automated shades

Appliance Control

Convert any appliance into a smart appliance by simply inserting a roxanne smart plug

Motion Sensor

As an integral part of your security system, motion sensor alerts you when detecting motion.

The Concept


The App

Take control of your home at the touch of a screen and enjoy perfection in user experience, whether iOS or Android, you can easily control it all with the roxanne Smart Home App.

Why would anyone need a smart home?

  • Experience the ultimate comfort and home security when at home or away from home
  • Update the look of your home
  • Drastically increase the value of your home for resale purposes
  • Get alerts and notifications from your home wherever you are
  • Save a great deal of energy and money

Why choose roxanne?

  • 30-day unconditional return policy
  • 2-year standard warranty
  • 5-year extended warranty