Motion sensors are used to complement security systems and automate your home’s lighting if required. You can set the motion sensors to get notified if there are certain activities detected in your home or you can set it up to just get notified when your loved-ones arrive home.

roxanne’s gateway can be used to activate the alarm systems or just send instant notifications to your smartphone when any motion is detected. Smart rules can be set up via roxanne gateway so that motion sensor illuminate rooms or switch off lights when rooms are no longer used. When you wake up for a glass of water at night motion sensors can be set up to illuminate your pathway with a minimum intensity of light for your safety and in order to avoid disruptions in your sleep.

Security cameras suffer from poor quality of recording images in low-intensity light, to overcome this major flaw motion sensor is the solution. If motion is detected when you’re not home, motion sensors can sound the alarm and turn on the pre-defined connected lights so that security cameras can record enhanced footage and most importantly alarm and deter the burglar.