Meet the “Piccolo Gang”

The smallest and smartest “Gang” box modules in town.

Don’t let their small size fool you! The Piccolo Gang provide real protection, control and comfort.

This is an offer you can’t refuse!



roxanne Piccolo Dimmers

Transform all your lights into smart dimmable lights. Radically improve the quality and control of lighting in your home and save energy and lots of money with roxanne Piccolo dimmers, perfect for dimming two separate lines in a single gang box!



roxanne Piccolo Switch

Control and program any switch. From anywhere. Wirelessly.

Even if you have lighting that does not need dimming, roxanne Piccolo switch module offers total control, easily. Incredibly small, each roxanne Piccolo switch installs invisibly behind any of your home’s existing switches. Simply unscrew the faceplate, install the module behind it, and you now have complete wireless control and automation. Your old switches are instantly modernized and instantly connected.

The roxanne piccolo switch is a part of roxanne’s ZigBee switch and dimming range and is compatible with all light switches

Hybrid relay/ triac design for large capacitive loads such as 250+ watts of leds per pole

Twice the control with the roxanne 2 pole switch.

roxanne Piccolo Smart Outlet

Works with any outlet.

Install the roxanne Piccolo switch module behind your wall’s power sockets and you now have instant wireless and local touch control plus scheduling of your electronics. With optional power metering, you can efficiently reduce the cost of your electronic devices.

roxanne Piccolo Power Presence Sensor

The pivotal function of roxanne’s Power Presence Sensor is to monitor AC power outage. Equipped with a built-in battery backup, it transmits the status change to roxanne gateway, and the gateway with its own optional battery backup will send you an SMS informing you of the status change. Whatever the reason for the power outage, whether the freezer breaker just died, or whether a thief cut off the power, rest assured that you will be informed in real-time.

roxanne piccolo shutter control module

Works with any manual control switch.

Install the roxanne Piccolo Shutter Control module behind your wall’s manual shutter switch and you now have instant wireless and local control plus scheduling of your shutters.

roxanne Piccolo 6 Button Scene and Remote Switch Modules

Simple to install.

The roxanne Piccolo 6 Button Scene Switch Modules can be installed anywhere and they all work wirelessly.

Whatever the room, whatever the wall, the Piccolo 6 Button Scene Switch modules is perfect. It is the wireless, ZigBee smart module that you can place anywhere, on any wall, use it with any momentary switch and the control of your home will be precisely what and where you want it to be.

These super useful modules come with two power options.

Battery and line AC.