Why would anyone need a smart home?


A smart home is a safe, secure, energy efficient and a much more comfortable home to live in


The advancement of technology, proliferation of smartphones, and the increased demand for comfort and efficient use of energy has made us re-think about the ways we live. For instance, adoption of automation systems and new lighting technologies as a vital addition to our homes and offices is a globally rising trend. Smart homes, without a doubt, are the future. Why you ask? Let us count the ways!


Control, adjust, optimize and automate your home’s lighting, shades, curtains, temperature and appliances
Expose yourself to correct lighting in the evening for improved sleep and healthier living (Click for more info)
Provide robust security and safety
Control the temperature and humidity of your rooms
Detect water leaks immediately and prevent flooding and damage
Monitor the electricity consumption of all lamps and appliances in your home to help incorporate efficient energy usage and drastically reduce your energy bills
Protect your family and home against theft and burglary 
Safeguard your home against fire
Protect your family from deadly carbon monoxide
Protect your plants from dehydration or overhydration
Replace all IR remotes with your smartphones
Update the look of your home
Drastically increase the value of your home for resale purposes
Improve the function of your home
Access and have control over your home from anywhere
Get alerts and notifications from your home in anywhere