Why choose roxanne?

 Simple, it is the smart choice!



Day after day, we are witnessing the emergence of brand new artificial intelligence enabled smart devices from Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies alike, although these are all fantastic products, they are actually not providing solutions.

What these companies have not yet produced are comprehensive solutions as you still need a solid platform to deploy these great tools in order to take full advantage of these emerging technologies to make your home reliably smart. 

These shortcomings and the steadily increasing consumer demand to upgrade millions of existing homes to smart homes all over the world were the driving force and the philosophy behind roxanne's foundation. 

What sets us distinctly apart is the ability to fill this gap and address the global market demand for an affordable, comprehensive, intuitive, easy to install, easy to use, smart home solution

In less than a few hours you can upgrade your home into a smart home by placing our Piccolo modules behind your wall switches and outlets, all by only utilizing your existing standard house wirings. We add new features such as scene and memory functions, security system, water flood sensors, motion sensors, power out sensor, shade and shutter control, climate sensors and, appliance control, alerts, notifications, event commands through GSM and internet. All this plus our intuitive and easy-to-use app allows your whole family to use and enjoy your new smart home with ease and comfort on a daily basis!

With roxanne you don’t have to be a magician to use your home control system. We built the magic inside when we merged the best available technologies, resolved many of their weaknesses, matched them with several brilliant new ideas and topped it all off with a smooth and user-friendly Application to make your interface with your new and exciting smart home a simple and truly pleasant experience.


At roxanne, we do not burden our customers with understanding the technology or the components of our products. What we do want our customers to know and care about however is that our products are much simpler to use, work far better, last far longer. and in the long run cost much less than other brands you would find on the market today.


Great value, Guaranteed,

30-day unconditional return policy
2-year standard warranty
5 year extended warranty